PODCAST: Prememento Series 3 – Edin Dzeko

Football has all kinds of stories to tell us. There are the straightforward tales of triumph or failure. That take place either on or off the pitch. Every one of them is important, from those ranked among the Premier League’s greatest to those you haven’t thought about for a very long time. This season we are here to recount those stories. In doing so we’ll touch upon every position, every era and every Premier League Club. These players are the cornerstones of the league and this is the Cornerstone Collection.

PREVIOUS EPISODE – Prememento #111: Matt Holland
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Football is not everything, but it does bring us together. The time has come for the game itself to stop, for now at least. In light of the crisis that surrounds the world today, it all seems very insignificant. Fitting then – in that regard – that we too take out leave for now, with very possibly the most dramatic moment in Premier League history.

Ninety three minutes and twenty seconds. What transpired and followed will stand atop English football lore for quite some time. Though he will somewhat understandably never quite reach the same level of reverence, Edin Dzeko’s contribution that day in scoring that ninety second minute equalizer is arguably more important. In many ways, that kind of role summed up his entire career.

From everyone at The Beermat we hope you’ve enjoyed this season of the Prememento Podcast so far, which is now being put on hold until further notice. We will return when the time comes so that we can all be together once more. Whether it’s playing, supporting, cheering, jeering or simply watching. Football is not everything. But it will bring us together. Again.

Listen on the player below or you can directly download Prememento #112 here.

NEXT EPISODE – Coming Soon…
PREVIOUS EPISODE – Prememento #111: Matt Holland

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