What’s On The Beermat #1: Heart & Soul (Vocation Brewery)

Those of you that have been with us from the beginning will know that we’ve been known to enjoy a few adult beverages during our amazing podcasts. What was an attempt to create a cordial atmosphere in which you the listener can feel at home among friends can at times descend into many a random tangent or Simpsons reference; and we love it!

Now we want to let you behind the curtain and give you a flavour of all the beers that have ignited our imaginations over the years as well as all the new ones we’ll try going forward. Without further ado, lets find out what’s on The Beermat today.

Vocation Brewery – Heart & Soul
Session IPA – 4.4%
Reviewed by – Stuart Quigley (@sqstudios)

I don’t know art but I know what I like. That’s Orson Wells. I know what I like and the can looks bloody lovely too. That’s me. I think we all know who you can trust there. He doesn’t even know art.

Joking aside, let’s kick this off right with something that has been a constant in my fridge; Heart & Soul from Vocation. It’s described by the the can itself as tropical, fruity and full bodied – to which it ticks all of those boxes, without overpowering. In fact, this is perfect for those who are put off by more heavy-handed IPAs, both in terms of smell and taste. Deceptively light on the nose, you’d be forgiven for thinking it didn’t pack a punch in the taste and yet every sip delivers.

Often when we’re recording I’ll forego a glass to take it straight from the source. Unlike some others, this does not diminish the taste. Available in local supermarkets as well as online in various locations, you’re certainly not going to have a hard time tracking this one down and won’t be disappointed when you do. Perfect for the summer and for those that want to try something different without being thrust into the deep end. This one gets my seal of approval and then some.

If you’re a wrestling fan be sure to check out our very latest podcast, we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the cans consumed while making it. Oh and my handwriting has nothing to do with how many cans I’d had, it always looks like that.

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