What’s On The Beermat #2: Wild Card Brewery Pale Ale

Confession time. While this is something a lot more people do than are willing to admit it, still it will shatter the image you have of ourselves being at the forefront of alcoholic knowledge and good taste. We buy beers not for their wild ingredients or any flavour of the month type deal. The truth is we enjoy good beers at a good price. Then there are some of us that buy them just because they’ve got a cool looking label…

Wild Card Brewery
Pale Ale – 4.3%
Reviewed by – Stuart Quigley (@sqstudios)

I could write a thousand words about the design of this can, not least of all that there is a storied connection between parrots, shirts and wrestling events that we will have to one day sit down and record a podcast about. However, needless to say that while the packaging was what drew me in, we’re ultimately here for what’s inside.

With nothing in the way of an elaborate description on the can itself as an introduction, the big giveaway comes when you open the can itself. Fruitier than the entrance to your local supermarket and oh how I wish this were part of your five a day. The smell is strong but not to the point of overwhelming and definitely sets the scene for whats to come.

As far as both the taste and aftertaste go, this one is very much down to your own personal preference and where you sit on your taste buds being mauled on the way in and on the way down. As with everything, there is a balance to be had. This one is so close to perfection in that regard. Smooth and flavourful and goes down without a fight.

Specifically for this time of year when the sun is out, there’s nothing better than a few refreshingly cold beers to allow time to tick on more pleasantly. Even if in this instance I was stuck inside putting the finishing touches to another one of our podcasting masterpieces rather than adding a layer of red to my almost transparently white complexion. I picked this one up from a local bottle store but as I understand it, their range is available from some supermarkets too. 100% one to check out and one I will be reaching for again soon.

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