PODCAST – Beyond The Beermat #50: History In The Making

PREVIOUS EPISODE – Beyond The Beermat #49: Beer Bash (at The Beach)
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Fifty episodes. Just how did we get here? Documenting history can be a difficult task. One that quite literally requires more work every single day. It’s good to take a step back every now and then however, to look at all the journey up until this point. In reaching the half century mark, Beyond The Beermat is kicking it up a gear. For our next run of podcasts, we will be counting down the most meaningful incidents in wrestling history. Finding out what led to a specific chain of events and knowing that things would never be the same again.

In searching for momentous moments, we aren’t about to restrict ourselves. This isn’t about five star matches or one off instances, it’s about an everlasting mark on the business. Given we’re talking about everything that has ever had an impact in and of out of the squared circle, this might just be the biggest podcast we’ll ever do. That is, until we sit down with Steve Austin himself to drink a couple of beers and go over his career, which now that we’ve got to fifty glorious episodes should be any day.

It’s only fitting that the most influential podcast of wrestling’s future would so clearly define it’s past. Forget the beers, this one calls for a little bit of the bubbly!

Listen now on the player below or you can directly download Beyond The Beermat #50 here.

NEXT EPISODE – Coming Soon…
PREVIOUS EPISODE – Beyond The Beermat #49: Beer Bash (at The Beach)

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