What’s On The Beermat #3: Anspach & Hobday Pale Ale

If you were to list all the things that the joy was self evident – albeit fleeting – it’s quite possible that the feeling of a well earned, chilled beer in the sun may be at the top of the list. So obviously this weekend was an absolute washout in that regard. We’ll refrain from using the cliche about the best laid plans and instead go with the one about good things coming to those who wait.

Anspach & Hobday – 440ml
Pale Ale – 4.4%
Reviewed by – Stuart Quigley (@sqstudios)

You find the normal where you can, given the circumstances. Thankfully for me, the normal is usually in the midst of a can. That being said, there’s something so beautifully simplistic about the sights and sounds of a cricket field at the height of the summer. All of which led me down an almost pre-destined path for this next selection. London based Anspach and Hobday laid out the perfect bait in the design for their pale ale, but the rain meant I could not enjoy it as intended. The anticipation rises, in every sence.

First thing’s first, this one is what I would call a full sized can compared to the previous reviews. Over time you become accustomed to only ever getting the better beers across various different breweries in smaller cans so it’s great to try something of a more traditional volume. To paraphrase a certain supermarket that I didn’t get this from, every little helps.

Going into this one blind, having never sampled any of their other delights was definitely, I had no idea what to expect. Pale ales on the whole aren’t exactly a voyage into the unknown and so upon pouring it, being greeted by that a very familiar wasn’t to be unexpected. What it leaves out in impact on the nose however is compensated for in that first sip. Perhaps this is what happens when you buy something based on it’s label and then have to wait three days three days before cracking into it, but – much like my own non-existent cricketing career – I was completely caught out.

Good beer is about the balance of different things, flavour being chief among them. Too much can be off putting but this one finds the balance perfectly. It goes down spectacularly well, to the point where it’s tropical taste would have easily negated the rain that came down when I had initially wanted to try it. I can wholeheartedly say that I will be stocking up in the near future. On the can itself there’s a line in the description that reads “our ultimate drinking beer”. I don’t doubt it.

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