What’s On The Beermat #4: Pondera (Thornbridge x Firestone Walker)

They say that good things come to those who wait. That applies across the board, not least of all for those waiting for another of our outpourings. Pun very much intended by the way. So with that in mind it’s only fair that after a long week of awful weather, it’s time for an absolute treat. This time we’re referring to the beer rather than ourselves.

Pondera (Thornbridge x Firestone Walker) – 440ml
West Coast IPA – 6.7%
Reviewed by – Stuart Quigley (@sqstudios)

The difference between enjoying a beer and good beer can be a very thin line. It always comes down to circumstance. Beer snobs would turn their nose up at the idea it’s even possible to enjoy a pint of something commonplace but those kind of people tend to enjoy nothing more than the sound of their own voice. We all know the supposed heirarcy of adult beverages but it’s existence doesn’t change the fact that even the most unfancied of beers can hit the spot, given the right situation. The contrast and the key in this instance is that a good beer doesn’t necessarily need those prerequisites.

When it comes to cold hard numbers, I’ve always found that there tends to be a trade off between percentage and taste that appears to be forever ongoing. Trying to find something that tastes satisfying and yet don’t completely take you under, the kind that you can enjoy over a period of time rather than have to consciously pace yourself (and there are definitely podcasts out there where I’ve not managed this). Today’s selection balances those things better than anything I’ve tasted for a very long time

Collaborations are about bringing together the best parts to create something unique and special. Much like we do whenever we’re recording (#shamelessplug). Having been familiar in passing with both breweries, this particular venture initially intrigued and subsequently delighted. It’s bold enough to register on the nose and so full of flavour, yet in spite of it’s slightly higher percentage than I’m used to, not to the point of excess.

What once was a random choice has become a regular selection. Sitting down with a cold after a long day at work is one thing but as time has gone one quite simply you don’t need an excuse to enjoy this one. The difference between enjoyment and quality often does come down to what’s happening around you. Good beer does the job regardless.

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