PODCAST – Beyond The Beermat #53: The Five Count – Number Three

PREVIOUS EPISODE – Beyond The Beermat #52: The Five Count – Number Four
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We have reached the halfway point as The Five Count rolls on. We’ve been exploring all the ways in which the wrestling industry has been shaped over the years; the moments that came to mean everything, the events that changed it all and the people involved in it all. You’ll be getting no spoilers from us in terms of the contents within this – nor any – of our amazing list; so the only way you’re going to find out what made the cut is to listen in!

Number three on our list is all about a rivalry. Quite possibly the most defining matchup in wrestling history.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re simply talking about a one of encounter, or even an iconic feud.  Driven by egos and ended in significance, only for the aftermath to be insignificant; Beyond The Beermat turns back the clock once more to investigate one of the most talked about not just moments but periods in all of wrestling. This one encompases so much, there’s every chance it might have been top of your list.  Don’t @ us, we love the controversy.

Join us for another action packed episode.  Whether you’re coming with us to take another trip down memory lane, discover another moment you’d forgotten about or didn’t even know about – although with this one it’s very unlikely to be the latter!

Listen now on the player below or you can directly download Beyond The Beermat #53 here.

NEXT EPISODE – Coming Soon…
PREVIOUS EPISODE – Beyond The Beermat #52: The Five Count – Number Four

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