PODCAST: Prememento Series 4 – Antonio Conte

Every season offers us both the hope of something different and also the crushing inevitability of the familiar. Joy and despair, thrown together like the deadliest of cocktails. Certainly, when it comes to toasting our victories and drowning our sorrows we know all about that. The Prememento Podcast is back for it’s fourth season. This year we’re going into the dugout. To the very nerve centre of a football team. More than any one individual, the person who holds everyone’s fate in their hands. Picking up where we left off, we will cover every team, every era and bridge the gap between today and tomorrow. We’re going to look back at all of the paths in football that led to this point and see where these roads may later lead. After all, the future is conceived in the past and forged in the present.

PREVIOUS EPISODE – Prememento #125: Gordon Strachan
NEXT EPISODE – Prememento #127: Stuart Pearce

Tactically speaking, getting it right is only ever matter of time. There are other aspects of course but supposing you have the right man at the helm, he will get it right “eventually”. Most teams can’t wait that long however, especially those at the top. Because it can take so long to get going, managers inevitably run out before they can fully put their mark on a team. There are those occasions however, when the right mix of personality and personnel mean that remarkable change can come almost overnight.

In the case of Antonio Conte, that initial spark came almost as quickly as it had arrived. Two seasons filled with more drama and success than most clubs have in a decade. Chaos underpinned by an unflinching order at Stamford Bridge that saw the Premier League title return in dramatic fashion before it all fell apart both externally and internally. Taking a look back at what went so spectacularly wrong before examining exactly how the Italian gate-crashed English football and added yet another intriguing chapter into the recent history of Chelsea Football Club.

Listen on the player below or you can directly download Prememento #126 here.

NEXT EPISODE – Prememento #127: Stuart Pearce
PREVIOUS EPISODE – Prememento #125: Gordon Strachan

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