PODCAST: Prememento Series 4 – Nigel Pearson

Football has all kinds of stories to tell us. There are the straightforward tales of triumph or failure. That take place either on or off the pitch. Every one of them is important, from those ranked among the Premier League’s greatest to those you haven’t thought about for a very long time. This season we are here to recount those stories. In doing so we’ll touch upon every position, every era and every Premier League Club. These players are the cornerstones of the league and this is the Cornerstone Collection.

PREVIOUS EPISODE – Prememento #127: Stuart Pearce
NEXT EPISODE – Prememento #129: Michael Laudrup

Perception doesn’t always have to equal reality. Opinions are hard to shake, especially when it comes to those we only engage in the periphery. Managers have the ability to become this all encompassing spectre of a person – verging on parody – and they’re out of the public eye before there’s a chance to examine below the surface. Image matters when it comes to the club itself too and how quickly one can go from relegation certainties to escape artists. In some cases there’s even still time to go back.

Last season presented a remarkable set of circumstances for every club in the land. At the bottom end of the Premier League however a unique situation became all the more chaotic with what went on at Vicarage Road with Pearson parting company with just two games left to fight for survival. In addition to all Watford’s various permutations, there’s another remarkable relegation battle to go over. The Premier League trophy could have had a very different destination were it not for events at the back end of 2014/15. There is also the small matter of a certain press conference which we’re not going to bury our heads in the sand too either.

Listen on the player below or you can directly download Prememento #128 here.

NEXT EPISODE – Prememento #129: Michael Laudrup
PREVIOUS EPISODE – Prememento #127: Stuart Pearce

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