Hell of A Choice: The Beermat’s Top 5 Hell In A Cell Matches

Number #5: Bad Blood 2003 – HHH VS Kevin Nash (Special Referee: Mick Foley) – Houston, Texas – June 15th 2003

Now wait! I know what you’re thinking the minute you saw this match….. what the hell is that match doing on the list but wait! I had a similar thought before I watched the match back. However, this match is exactly what a hell in a cell match should be. Violent, bloody & a great way to end a feud. It was actually a solid match and one of the best matches of Nash’s career.

Stone Cold Steve Austin appointed Mick Foley as the guest referee for this match after HHH’s recent attacks on WWE officials. HHH did threaten Foley too but Foley said he would rather take a beating then come to Bad Blood. 

Nash was battered and bloodied mid-match when Hunter turns into New Jack and grabs a screwdriver from the toolbox, driving into Nash’s head which I must admit made me cringe for a second. HHH then went under the ring and pulled out Foley’s favourite weapon, a 2X4 wrapped in barber wire. However, Nash counter the attempted headshot with a punch & then hits HHH in the head with the 2X4 busting him open with a second shot. That’s the sign of a good Hell In a cell Match, the blood flowing.

The finish came when Nash catapulted Triple H into the corner where the barbed wire 2×4 was lying and then hits Hunter with a Jacknife Powerbomb. Foley makes a 2 count before Triple H kicked out. Triple H works his way back up and hits Nash in the head with a sledgehammer. Both men slowly……and I mean slowly make it back to their feet and Triple H hits a Pedigree. He rolls Nash over and gets the cover for 3.

Winner & Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion – HHH

Number #4: Wrestlemania 28 – HHH VS The Undertaker (Special Referee: Shawn Michaels) – End Of An Era – Miami, Florida – April 1st 2012

Now I don’t know if we at The Beermat have ever mentioned this but we attended Wrestlemania 28 in Miami & this was the best match on the card for me. This match was an accumulation of 4 Wrestlemania’s. Shawn Michaels. the man that tried and failed to break to streak now had the power in his hands to end it all by making that 3 count on Taker. Good Old JR was bought out to commentate on this match. In my opinion JR is the greatest commentator of all time and the fact they bought him out to commentate on this match took it up a notch.

I thought the streak was over mid-match…..I really thought it was over. I honestly jumped out of my seat into the aisle ready to mark out when Shawn hit the Undertaker with a superkick which was followed up with a pedigree. If anyone mentions this match, the specific spot is always ‘that’ moment which is mentioned. When Taker kicked out on 2 the emotions that poured out in the stadium was epic and Shawn’s reaction was even better.

This wasn’t the only close call in the match. Both men hit each other with several finishers but couldn’t put their opponent away. Taker would eventually make a comeback and tombstone HHH for a 2 count. Hunter is left in the corner, with a beaten & broken look on his face but he knows the writing is on the wall. He points at taker before telling him to Suck It! Taker nails him with the Sledgehammer followed up by one final tombstone.

I love the story told in this match, its excellent. You can feel the emotion as a fan and that’s what makes me love wrestling. The post match moment is what wrestling is about. Both men put their all into the match and ended with Shawn, Hunter & Taker arm-in-arm like brothers in arms. A surreal moment which received a standing ovation from the 78,000 in attendance. It’s an iconic moment that will always be talked about.

Number #3: No Way Out 2000 – Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) VS HHH – Hartford, Connecticut – February 27th 2000

There is a theme with my picks. I like my matches to have a personal feel & violent. This match is no exception. 

If there was ever a wrestler designed for a Hell In A Cell match, its Mick Foley. After Hunters deeply personal feud with Foley which included one of my favourite matches of all time at Royal rumble 2000 the two would meet at No Way Out. Mick Foley’s career on the line for one last shot at the biggest prize in wrestling. This match style seems the perfect way to end the feud. I would recommend that everyone watches the HHH-Foley documentary on the network for a fantastic look into the rivalry.

HHH was not yet proven at the top of the card although he was well on his way there. As Cactus Jack, Mick Foley started to build a star out of HHH during their epic street fight at the Royal Rumble. After Foley lost the match he wanted one final shot at the Gold so HHH agreed to it if Cactus put his career on the line.

Cactus pulled out all of the stops in a match that Foley genuinley intended on being his last match. He only returned for Wrestlemania because  WWE asked him too & be honest, who would turn down a place in the Wrestlemania main event. 

Foley spent the early stages of the match trying to escape the cage and climb to the top. Foley eventually escaped the cage, chasing Triple H to the top before dropping 25ft through the table. Foley climbed back to the top and unfortunately things took a turn for the worse. Setting up HHH for a piledriver, HHH reversed into a back body drop which would throw Foley through the Cell to the ring mat which caved in, in the process. HHH would follow this up with a Pedigree, leading to the end of the match & Mick Foleys career (for now ☺). The Royal Rumble was the match that made The Game but this Hell In A cell match cemented HHH as one of the top players in the game.

Number #2: SummerSlam 2008 – Edge VS The Undertaker – Indianapolis, Indiana – August 17th 2000

Hell In A Cell was the final match in a long-term feud between Edge and The Undertaker. The started at Survivor Series the previous year when Edge attacked Taker with a camera in a Hell In A Cell match against Batista, costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. 

After several matches over the next few months, Edge defeated Taker at TLC and forced him to leave the company. Vickie Guerrero brought Taker back for retribution on her cheating husband for SummerSlam. 

A Hell In A Cell match was the perfect way to end the feud. The finish to the match came as Taker grabbed a TV camera that was already in the ring and cracked Edge in the head with it. Taker set up a chair under Edge’s head. Taker grabbed another chair and sounded out a Conchairto. Taker picked up Edge and hit a Tombstone piledriver for the win. 

A great spot after the match saw Taker Chokeslam Edge off the ladder. The ring collapsed and Edge plummeted through the canvas to the floor. Flames appeared through the ripped canvas to signify “Edge going to hell”.  Would take some time off after this match and return at Survivor Series.

This was a Hell in a Cell match full of violence, a lot of weapons but no blood as the WWE embarked on their PG era journey. Edge controlled much of the early match which I enjoyed, having had the opinion that Taker would dominate proceedings going into the match. Edge bought out his Vicious side after Mick Foley told him it would be the only way he could survive the match. Not only did he survive but he came surprisingly close to winning the match against the deadman. An outstanding performance from both wrestlers.

Number #1: In Your House: Bad Blood – Shawn Michaels VS The Undertaker – St. Lousi Missouri – October 5th 1997

The original Hell in a Cell match is one of the WWE’s most iconic matches of all time. A violent bloodthirsty match that set the standard for all future Hell In A Cell matches and featured quite possibly the greatest debut of all time with Kane ripping off the Cell door. This one of my favourite matches of all time and I’ve watched it back several times over the years to relive the moment.

The match led on from a SummerSlam match between Bret Hart & The Undertaker. During the finish Bret Spat in Shawn’s face causing HBK to swing a steel chair towards Bret’s head. Bret ducked & Michaels hit Undertaker in the skull costing him the match & the WWF championship. The Undertaker looked like a man on a mission for revenge during the Hell In A Cell match, stopping at nothing to destroy HBK. Shawn would throw everything but the kitchen sink at Taker, but he shook everything off and left Shawn in a bloody mess.

Paul Bearer has been threatening to bring to bring out Kane for weeks in the build up to the match. I was 1 years old and I remember sitting on the sofa and the lights going out during the match. The sound of the Organ hit the arena and out appeared Kane with Paul Bearers. As if that image wasn’t scary enough Kane would rip off the cell door and stare the Undertaker down face to face before tombstoning him into the mat. Shawn would crawl over and pin Taker for 3 to win the match. 

Shawn went from tweener at SummerSlam to full on heel in a month and half, forming DX which ultimately led to the Montreal Screw job. This is one of the most important moments in wrestling history for Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Kane & most importantly the WWE. Great storytelling all round.


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